Marlborough Bowls Club - Membership

There are several types of membership available

Full membership

This allows both outdoor and indoor short mat bowling as well as reduced fees for social events

Social (non-bowling) membership

This gives reduced fees to all social events 

Social Plus membership

The same as Social but allows short mat play in the winter months

Associate Membership

The same as Full member but is given when a member is already a member of another bowling club in the area

New bowler membership

The same as a full member but a 50% reduction IF completely new to the sport

Junior membership

Reduced fee if under the age of 18 on the 30th April

 Membership Fee
 Full £65
 Social Plus £15
 Social £10
 New bowler £32.50
 Junior (under 18 on 30th April  £30

Summary of fees as of 2024

Membership runs from May 1st until April 30th

A membership application form is available here